Heavens Touch Car Wash - Heavens Touch Carwash 33173 The owner is a real ***!!!

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Never in my life have I ever been treated so poorly by ANY human being at ANY establishment, let alone the owner. Today I visited this car wash and I was offered the In/Out service, plus my choice of air freshener for $10. I waited for about two hours for my car, even though the employee who assisted me assured me it would not take long at all. When I finally got my car back, I asked someone if they could help me put air in my tire at the gas station next door.

The employee happened to look inside of my car and pointed out how dirty it still was. NOTHING WAS CLEANED AT ALL, nor was there any air freshener!!!!! I was absolutely appalled! I went back and spoke with the cashier, who offered me a voucher for a free wash on my next visit. He then informed me that it would "be a while" if I waited for them to clean my car properly, so I'd be better off with the voucher. He went into the back and brought back a man, who ended up being the owner, who had to sign off on my free wash voucher. Earlier, while I was waiting, I heard the man (owner) verbally abusing, and cursing out the employees, which I thought to be quite unprofessional and offensive. When he spoke to me, he was just as rude and literally told me I was "a liar" about the amount of time I had been waiting, and the services that I had paid for, even though his employee showed him my receipt. I then asked if he was the manager, speaking to customers like this, and he said "No, I'm the owner, I don't have time for this, take your *** and leave". Then he walked away. I could not believe that the OWNER of an establishment would EVER speak to ANY customer in that fashion.

I then handed the free wash card back to the cashier and said that I would never be returning there. They are obviously crooks, and unprofessional. No one deserves to be treated this way. I definitely do not recommend this car wash to anyone.

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